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~~Changeling Press~~


Cade knows Sairah is his mate, but she's been raised on Earth. What he doesn't know is how to convince her she's not only an alien, but a lion shifter, as well.

When Matt's best friend and boss finds a mate, it means a lot more lonely nights for him -- until he meets Stacey and realizes his mate has been right under his nose the whole time. But a man with a past like his and no future doesn't deserve a woman to love him. If only the sexy, stubborn woman would take no for an answer.

Jacob finds himself on trial for a crime he hasn't committed... yet. Even worse? With his mate under suspicion, only one thing can save them now. The whole truth.

The Leandros Collection contains the previously released novellas Sairah's Salvation, Matthew's Redemption, and Dana's Release.

Coyote Tales: The List

Abigail's pure coyote, one of the last, and daughter of the pack alpha. Duty and tradition require her to mate with a purebred male, for the good of the pack. Her father's presented Abigail with a list of acceptable mates -- and an ultimatum. But no matter how hard Abigail tries to follow tradition, her heart won't agree with her mind. Not with one hunky cop and pack enforcer hot on her tail.

If only Darius were on the list...

Coyote Tales: Purity

Falling in love is never easy, but this time it's downright dangerous. Rory knows she can't have Dominick Rivers because he's pure coyote. He deserves a pure mate. Everyone knows this is how things are supposed to be, so why can't Dominick let her go? Even when the Purists come out of the woods to teach him a lesson he'll never forget -- the scars will remind him -- he still pursues her. If he can be so brave, why can't she?

Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky

Selena's had the hots for her boss Kyden since she started working for him. There's something about him that just drives her insane with desire. It doesn't matter that she's too fat and too dark for him, she wants him desperately. And it's gotten worse over the last few months. This month she even found herself ready to masturbate in her cubicle. Kyden's ordered her to stay late to work tonight, just the two of them, but she's not sure she can control the desire if they're alone in the building. Or if she wants to.

Dragon Kin: Raen

Using her Internet friend to fulfill sexual fantasies isn't a problem -- until Raen meets him in person. Her desires deepen the feelings she's always had for Dru, and now nothing will do except capturing him and making him hers.

Dragon Kin: His Father's Intern

Thirty-five-year-old Casey is content being a once-divorced ice dragon. She gets her fun on when she needs it, and with her job change and position as an intern in a company she loves, her life is looking up. She doesn't need a hot young stud like fire dragon Eddie, who just happens to be her boss' son to screw up her life. But Eddie is not about to let his souler escape. Fire and Ice? When they meet -- dangerous. When they are meant to be together -- explosive.

BBW: Suffering Sassafras

Gayle gave up looking for love when she left the big city for the mountains in North Pennsylvania. She finds it ironic that once she settles into her new home she meets two of the sexiest men she's ever seen. Men she could love. She'd been with more handsome men when she'd been a plus-sized model, but these two have a sex appeal she can't resist -- until she stumbles upon them making love in their backyard. Deciding the only way to get over them is to hide from them, she does just that. She gets away with it too, until the men decide enough is enough and they come to visit.

BBW: Mulberrilicious

After losing her job due to the economy, and her fiancé due to a skinny chick, Trisha moved out to Missouri to be with her sister. While caring for her niece and nephew she runs into the two handsome hunks who own a neighboring property. What she does know is that both want her, and neither cares that she is a BBW. What she doesn't know is that they're not what they seem to be. Oh, and they're already lovers.

Siren in Hiding

Being a Siren is all fun and games until someone dies. Aline retreats to an isolated arctic mine to keep from putting any more men under her spell. Everything goes according to plan until the one man she can't resist stops taking no for an answer.

Forever Wicked: Rose Red

Her life isn't a fairy tale like her sister's. Far from it. Rose Red is literally married to a bear of a man who just doesn't get her. Will an evil dwarf be enough to bring the two of them to marital bliss or end the relationship once and for all?


The joy of her annual Samhain orgy is interrupted yet again by her bossy controller. The man is so annoying he won't even tell her his name. When he magicks her away to a secret play room to teach her a lesson, he learns what can happen if you aren't careful. Tables can easily be turned.

Pleasure House

Kyra loves her husband Miach more than anything, but she's tired of sweet, gentle sex in the dark. She needs more, and watching the Dom at a private club makes her realize exactly what's been missing from her love life. Now, if only she can convince Miach to give it a try, maybe she really can have the perfect marriage.

Snowfire: Trapped

Trapped in the remains of a plane with the woman he loves is like a dream come true. Markus prays he can convince Alyssa he's not the womanizer she believes him to be. And if he can make her fall in love with him, his dream would be complete.

The Agency: No Monkey's Business

Jessica thinks she has this training mission in the bag. She's already accomplished her first mission, so the second one should be a breeze. Once she's done they'll have to promote her. What she didn't count on was Chase Montgomery's interference and his orgasm-inducing skills in the bedroom. Now she'll be lucky enough to get out of bed, let alone finish her missions.

The Agency: Serpent's Kiss

Agent John Macallister is so deep undercover he's not sure who he is anymore. Fortunately the Agency has sent one of their best operatives to rescue him -- from himself. Only problem? She's a giant anaconda.

Sleeping with the man you're guarding is a bad idea. Especially if you're a snake shapeshifter pretending to be nothing more than a six-foot-long, yellow anaconda and you're in love with the man you're guarding. As if not being able to have sex with John isn't bad enough, they're in the middle of a drug dealer's paradise and everyone wants him dead. Kim doesn't know which is harder, keeping John alive or keeping her hands -- and her identity -- to herself.

The Agency: Monkeying Around

Posing as lovers shouldn't be too hard. Not for Jessica and Chase. Fooling around during their training mission had landed them in this mess when they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now they need to redeem themselves by gaining the trust of one of the country's greatest criminals. But with Erik Hardaway's suspicion of Jessica and Chase's relationship, his questions about their reasons for visiting his mansion, and Erik's obvious desire for Jessica, getting out of this situation alive and unscathed will be their biggest challenge ever.

The Agency: Bear's Den

Richard's had his best agents on this case from the start, but after one too many mistakes he's not going to trust this final mission to anyone else. His ex-lover is his one hope to fix the trouble his agents have caused and capture the head of the drug cartel once and for all. Unfortunately, Sydney's not the same woman he once knew and loved.

Sydney blew her last chance with Richard because of her fears and insecurities. She's learned from her mistakes, and even if Richard never forgives her, she'll do her damnedest to win him back, and prove she's all the woman he needs, or die trying.

~~Loose Id~~

Fondest Desire

Kariana works too hard and takes too little time for herself. Even when she does, she can't find someone to please her sexually. Not even herself. A vacation to paradise sounds like the perfect place to scope out men and find one to give her her first orgasm. No matter how many men she has to sleep with, Kariana is determined to have the 'Big O' before she goes back home.

Her only problem? Once she has one, she doesn't want to stop.

And Jason, the demigod who just so happens to be this rare creature's soul mate is perfectly happy to oblige. Even if it means he has to share to keep her satisfied.

Irish Dreams

Sex therapist by day, erotic lucid dreaming sex kitten by night, Eryn can't understand the driving need to find her dream lover. Sure the dreams are hot, and the man is even hotter, but as a modern woman, she's not supposed to allow hormones to rule her.

When a trip to Ireland brings her face to face with the man of her dreams, though, she throws caution to the wind and submits. But what happens now that it's no longer a dream?

Screaming Orgasm

Tara just wants anonymity. If people were to discover her secret she’d become a pariah. The new vampire, Chase, seems to have figured out her psi abilities and wants to use her for her powers.

Brandon’s pursuit of her is wreaking havoc on her resolve to keep her distance. But when Chase starts sniffing around, she has no choice but to turn to the one person she can trust to keep her safe. The same man she's been trying to avoid.

After having avoided relationships at all costs, Tara finds herself hiding in one for protection and discovers it’s not as bad as she thought.

Midnight Rendezvous

Aidan Devlin owns a night club. He’s also the temporary leader of the North American Northeastern society of vampires. His wife is missing, and he can sense her but not find her.

Caitlyn Devlin is a part-time receptionist for a psychiatrist. Apparently, she’s also an amnesiac vampire with a husband who’s trying to save her from a serial killer determined to make her his next victim.

Really, what’s a girl to do?

Mountain Rendezvous

Meredith's ex-husband was a serial killer. Was, because she killed him. Or, at least, she thought she did. But now hunky Federal Agent Slade Jackson tells her he's back and killing women who look just like her.

What's a vampire to do?

Probably banging the human agent on the case isn't the best plan. But he's smoking hot, he wants her, she wants him and she just can't seem to stop. They both better hope it doesn't interfere with the case, or she'll be screwed.

And not in the good way.

The Bodyguard

Elena Fortescu has been through hell and wants revenge. She doesn’t need or want to get close to anyone, but Nicolas has other plans. Her bodyguard has fallen in love with her and he’s not going to let the fact that she’s a vampire keep them apart.

The Bodyguard: Nash

Philly bartender Victoire Duramel picked the right night to lose control of her magic. The night Fae bodyguard Nash Dupree sensed his soulmate and a strong, untrained magic violently unleashed.

Struggling under the strength of her power, Victoire accepted Nash's help without question. Now he wants to train her and teach her how to control her magic. But there's a price. Her heart and soul.

When she denies him, Nash refuses to let her go. He'll do whatever he must to guard the feisty witch and have her for his own.

The Bodyguard: Sorin

Kayla's a goddess, literally, and it's her job to protect Sorin, the king of the vampires. The catch is, she can't let him know she's his bodyguard. What's a goddess to do? Sex, of course. Lots of it. Hot, kinky, amazing sex, with a gorgeous vampire who has a taste for domination. This might just be her favorite assignment ever. Except the part about leaving when it's over.

Sorin's a good king, a strong leader who puts his people first. But he always has time for some playful sex. Especially with the hot number who appeared almost out of nowhere to become his favorite playmate. More than that, his mate. He's sure of it. At least until he learns she's been lying to him about who she is.

Between a temporary possession, Kayla getting kidnapped, and the sting of betrayal, their relationship is going to need a lot of work. That is, if there's even a relationship to work on--since mate or no, Kayla's still supposed to leave once Sorin is safe.

~~Whiskey Creek Press Torrid~~

This is a previously released series that has been combined into a two megabook collection.

THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The first three novels in the epic erotic paranormal romance series from Bestselling author Michelle Hasker, including:

Witchy Woes Tamara: Tamara is a witch and proud of it, but when an innocent spell goes horribly wrong, she ends up in the hospital. Again With death rearing its ugly head once more, Tamara knows she should ignore the handsome firefighter who seems captivated by her magical burns. Though she wants to forget about him and that fateful night, Dante is persistent, and soon she doesn’t know which of them is teaching the other about magic. Tamara puts up a good fight against the strong attraction she feels for Dante, but it’s a losing battle as she finds herself falling head over heels in love. The only problem? She’s dying and doesn’t want to leave behind anyone to mourn her.

Witchy Woes Candace: When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven, and things start to go terribly wrong for everyone. Candace wakes on the beach staring at the man of her dreams. The problem? He hates witches and thinks that if he can convince her to give up her magic, the world would be a safer place. Too bad she’s so hot for him it’s hard to keep her hands to herself.

Witchy Woes Allison: When a spell to undo harm goes awry, six witches find themselves knocked out by a powerful spell cast by the newest member of their coven. At first, everything falls apart, but then Allison watches as first Tamara and then Candace fall in love. While she wants that same thing for herself, the guy she’s in love with doesn’t even realize she’s a woman. The solution to her dilemma? A makeover.

Witchy Woes Megabook 2

THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! Books 4, 5, and 6 in the Erotic Paranormal Romance series from Bestselling author Michelle Hasker, including:

WITCHY WOES: MACY Ever since the accident on the beach, Macy’s been a different woman. She expected to be different. Anyone would be after they’d died and been brought back to life. But somehow, this is more than she could have hoped for, or feared. She’s got powers she can’t control, and the one man strong enough to help her is the man who broke her heart. With no where else to turn, she’s going to have to get him to help her, before it’s too late.
Trevor knows Macy won’t be his. He’d known even before he’d lost her. Now she’s back and asking for help. He’ll have to keep his emotions in check if he wants to help her before her unleashed magic does more damage than she can even imagine.

WITCHY WOES: SANDRA Ever since that one spell backfired, Sandra's world has fallen apart while sisters slowly rebuilt theirs. Although it was so easy to blame Camryn, Sandra knew this happened because the Goddess willed it. Her only fear was that of failing. Failing her Goddess, and her coven. Can she overcome insurmountable odds, or will she succumb to the inevitable?

WITCHY WOES: CAMRYN Ever since the spell blew up in her face, Camryn's world has fallen apart while her fellow witches have prospered. Maybe being good isn't all it's cracked up to be. She's lost her job, her apartment and her boyfriend. Her health is suffering and she looks like death warmed over. What good is being ethical if you have to pay for it with everything you have?

~~Red Rose Publishing~~

Trapping a Wolf

Trapping Malcolm in a mountain cabin for the weekend had sounded like fun at first. She's had the hots for him forever. When Malcolm doesn't return her enthusiasm, the dream weekend turns into the weekend from hell. Between the raging blizzard, and a sulking Malcolm who acts like a caged animal. With it more than obvious they'll never be more than friends, Kristi decides to drown her sorrows in a bottle. But as the night wears on, she begins to wonder if there may be a chance for them after all.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this ebook and the other ebooks of the Sanctuary Moon Anthology will go to the Full Moon Farm a sanctuary for abused and refused wolf-dogs and captive-bred wolves.

~~Cobblestone Press~~

The Moon

Between her annoying neighbor Brett and an unknown stalker, Maria finds herself in a dangerous situation that forces her to seek help. Who better to turn to than the private investigator next door? Even though he offers to help her, Dylan isn’t interested in her and couldn’t make it any clearer by the way he avoids her every chance he gets. While she doesn’t have to worry about any sexual advances from Dylan, can she keep her own desires under control until they capture her stalker?